Karen Walsh – Counselling in Richmond in North Yorkshire

Often in life we may find ourselves in situations that are difficult to manage. Drawing upon many years of counselling experience, Karen provides counselling in Richmond in North Yorkshire, and aim’s to support you in exploring your thoughts and feelings by providing a warm, safe, empathic and confidential space, where you will not be judged or told what to do.

You may be experiencing current difficulties that you want to explore or there may be problems or traumas from your childhood that stop you from realising your full potential. Our relationships with our primary care-givers may have been subject to inconsistencies, breakdowns, trauma or abuse. Children very cleverly construct defences in order to protect themselves. In adulthood, these can be counter-productive and may result in emotional difficulties and unproductive behaviour.

As adults we may notice that these behaviours don’t work so well in the ‘Grown Up World’. Such behaviours might be that we carry bad feelings about ourselves, drift in and out of feeling depressed or choose relationships with friends or partners that continuously replay the same patterns.

It is possible to explore and trace back to the time when those decisions were made to implement new decisions and behaviour.

Please browse this website or contact Karen to find out more about her services is you’re looking for counselling in Richmond, or indeed the wider North Yorkshire area.