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Depression and anxiety can present as symptoms that run alongside Autism, ADHD and other neurological conditions, whilst trying to make sense of a world that may feel ‘out of rhythm.’

You may identify with any of the following: –

• A sense of struggling to manage the everyday stuff that ‘other people seem to take in their stride.’
• Challenges with communication and expressing thoughts and feelings.
• Social difficulties and anxieties with friends, family, and work colleagues.
• Problems around intimacy and emotional connections with others.
• You may have experienced feeling like you ‘don’t quite fit or belong’ in social groups such as school or the workplace.

Counselling and Psychotherapy offers a safe and non-judgemental place to feel more confident in navigating social interactions, with a therapist alongside. Someone who can appreciate the difficulties and challenges faced by clients who may struggle with some of the ‘everyday’ things in life.

You may wish to explore the possibility of pursuing a diagnostic assessment or identify how certain traits or behaviours are challenging to you. My aim is to support and help you to understand yourself and develop useful and healthy strategies to thrive within your relationships and the world you live in, enabling you to identify your needs and boundaries.

I work with both individuals and couples where neurodiversity might be present.

Living within a relationship where neurodiversity may be displayed by one or both partners can present challenges, which may result in wanting to end the relationship. Counselling can help you to work out how to mange the differences between you, to live a more fulfilling, comfortable life together.

Karen Walsh


About Karen

Karen Walsh is a Richmond in North Yorkshire based counsellor with a Post Graduate Diploma in TA Psychotherapy and continues personal and professional development believing this is important in order to maintain a fresh and integrative approach…

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By Karen Walsh
I appreciate that making initial contact can be difficult. After an informal telephone conversation, I would suggest we arrange to meet for an initial session, for us both to assess if we are able and willing to work together.
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